Dubai Golden Visa: Your Dh2 Million Property Passport

Welcome to the ultimate guide on obtaining Dubai’s Golden Visa, your key to a prosperous future in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. In the wake of the global pandemic, Dubai’s real estate market has experienced a remarkable revival. This surge in property values has positioned apartments and villas above the Dh2 million mark, a crucial requirement for the coveted 10-year Dubai Golden Visa.

We understand the allure of this remarkable opportunity, and we’re here to simplify the process for you. Join us as we unravel the path to your Golden Visa, ensuring that every step is clear and accessible. Dubai’s thriving marketplace is undeniable, and we’re here to make your dreams a reality.

Let’s embark together!

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The Rise of Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Dubai’s property values have soared, especially in Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Hills. This boost is due to strong demand from local, regional, and international buyers and investors. Notably, this year has seen townhouse prices surpassing Dh2 million, marking a notable increase from the previous Dh1.5 million benchmark.

Discover the Dubai Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program in the United Arab Emirates, with Dubai as its focal point, is attracting attention from foreigners. In the first half of 2023, there has been a remarkable 50% increase in the issuance of 10-year residency visas, making Dubai the prime choice for those seeking a long-term stay.

Benefits of the Dubai Golden Visa

The Golden Visa comes with several benefits, including:

  1. Long-Term Residency: You get a renewable residence visa that can last for either10 years, offering stability and security.
  2. Sponsorship Independence: You won’t need a sponsor, giving you the freedom to shape your life and investments in Dubai as you wish.
  3. Extended Stays: Unlike many visas, the Golden Visa allows stays outside the UAE for more than 6 months without losing its validity.
  4. Family Inclusion: You can sponsor family members, including spouses and children of all ages, allowing you to create a unified home in Dubai.
  5. Domestic Help: You can also sponsor an unlimited number of domestic helpers, ensuring that your daily life runs smoothly.
  6. Inheritance Rights: In case of the primary visa holder’s passing, family members can continue to reside in the UAE throughout the duration of their permit, offering security.
  7. Property Evaluation: Getting Your Golden VisaTo begin your journey towards obtaining the Golden Visa, ensure that your property investment exceeds Dh2 million. The process starts with a careful evaluation of your property through the Dubai Land Department (DLD). You can initiate this step at the DLD’s Real Estate Services Trustee Offices or via the user-friendly Dubai REST app, accompanied by the necessary documents.

Once you’ve submitted your documents to the DLD, your property will be assessed for a fee of Dh4,000, with an additional Dh10 fee for knowledge and innovation. You can make this payment easily through cash, credit card, or the ePay platform. Expect to receive an electronic copy of the evaluation certificate within a quick 1-8 business days.

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The Power of Combining Properties

It’s important to note that investors aren’t limited to a single property. The Golden Visa program allows you to combine the values of two or more properties, resulting in a cumulative value exceeding the Dh2 million requirement for long-term residency. This flexibility is an advantage for those looking to invest in Dubai’s thriving property market.

2 Real-life Success Stories to Invest in a Dh2 Million Property with Dubai Golden Visa

Sarah, a web designer from the UK, spent Dh2.1 million on a Dubai Marina flat after selling her company. Her extended stay was guaranteed by the Golden Visa, and the lively neighborhood encouraged her to establish relationships and launch new businesses. Her success story was enhanced by the value of the property.
The Pakistani khan family came to Dubai in search of a secure future. After spending Dh2.3 million on a property in Arabian Ranches, they received Golden Visas. Their ideal house was a family-friendly area with top-notch schools, which enriched their children’s lives and laid the groundwork for their future success.


With the ever-enticing Dubai real estate market, investors are naturally drawn to the Dubai Golden Visa program. It presents an irresistible incentive for those who wish to put down roots and invest in the enduring prosperity of this vibrant emirate.

In conclusion, the path to Dubai Golden Visa is full of possibilities. With property valuation and the thriving real estate market as your guide, you’re on your way to discover a world of opportunities and securing your place in the heart of this dynamic city, with u as your trusted partner.

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