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    What is the Golden Visa

    What is the Golden Visa Property Dubai UAE?

    The Golden Visa UAE provides a unique opportunity for investors and property buyers to get a 10 year residency visa by investing in the real estate market. The Dubai Golden Visa property is designed to attract affluent people and promote the real estate industry, requiring an investment of AED 2 million (USD 545,000). Many foreign investors who want to secure their future in this vibrant and progressive city have shown interest in property investment in Dubai.

    For More detail, read the Dubai Golden Visa: Your Dh2 Million Property Passport.

    Benefits Of Dubai Golden Visa Property Investment?

    Get a renewable 10-year Golden visa to provide you and your family with security and comfort.

    The visa allows owners and their families to live, work, and study in the UAE

    Reap the benefits of a tax-free income and a welcoming business climate.

    You can invest in the UAE golden visa real estate market that is growing quickly and has good rental yields and can see capital growth.

    Use a strategic location with good international connections.

    You can experience Dubai's lively energy, a wide range of cultures, and unmatched luxury with Golden Visa Property UAE.

    Golden Visa holders can sponsor three housemaids, drivers, and family members for ten years.

    Golden Visa Property Investment

    UAE Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors:
    Multiple Property Investment Option & Requirements

    There are many options for investments:

    Ready Properties

    Invest at least 2 million AED in Ready Properties located in the Freehold area.This can include Apartments, flats, villas, or business units. This option offers immediate occupancy and prospective rental revenue.

    Off-Plan Properties:

    Buy an authorized developer's under-construction property for 2 million AED. This option needs a down payment of 50,000 AED. Buying off-plan real estate has a large chance of increasing in value as the project develops and is finished.

    Multiple Properties:

    Invest 2 million AED in many properties with a combined value meeting the threshold.

    Required Documents

    Golden Visa for Property Owners in Dubai:
    Eligibility and Required Documents

    The selected property must be free of legal disputes, and valued at a minimum of AED 2 million.

    Wife and husband are allowed to use one property (marriage certificate must be required.)

    If a husband and wife have joint property and its worth is AED 2 million, only one of them can apply for a golden visa and sponsor the other.

    If the investor owns the property outright, he must submit a title deed issued from the UAE authority that includes the landlord's identification, property data, and a purchase price of at least 2,000,000 AED.

    If you have a legal off-plan investment in property in Dubai worth at least AED 2 million, provide the property details, then you can apply for a golden visa through GDRFA.

    A Passport valid for more than six months.

    Original UAE ID.

    Colored Passport size Photographs.

    Golden Visa UAE:
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    Discuss your plans with our experts at GOLDEN VISA UAE and find out if you are eligible for a visa.

    Property Selection:

    Select from our exclusive collection of premium Dubai properties in Freehold Zones.

    Purchase Process:

    We help you resolve the financial and legal issues of purchasing your property.

    Visa Application:

    Our staff will manage the paperwork and submission of your Golden Visa application.

    You can trust Visa UAE in the Dubai real estate market. We are known for our dedication to quality and customer happiness.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the property Dolden visas in Dubai allow the sponsorship of one's spouse and children for residency. Your financial situation and the kind of visa you are applying for will determine the exact sponsorship requirements.

    Yes, If you invest at least AED 2 million in off-plan property, you can qualify for a visa by investing in Dubai UAE, however, the time period of your visa will be determined by the completion status and the amount of your investment.

    Golden Visa UAE offers two kinds of visas to our valued investors:

    Normal Golden Visa:You can get your visa in one to two weeks, which makes the process of moving to the UAE quickly and easily.

    VIP Golden Visa:Your visa will be ready in just 5 to 6 days and you can enjoy the advantages of living in the UAE even sooner.

    Investors can now get the Golden Visa if they own a property valued at least 2 million AED ($545,000), it doesn't matter how much of a down payment they made or if the property is ready, mortgaged, or off-plan.

    What is the cost of a 10-year Golden Visa? Those who are already in the UAE would need to pay between 2,800 AED and 3,800 AED for the Golden Visa. For those residing outside of the UAE, the cost of the Golden Visa ranges from 3,800 AED to 4,800 AED.

    GOLDEN VISA UAE assists clients in finding luxury apartments, huge villas, and excellent commercial properties in Freehold Areas that are eligible for the Golden Visa program.

    You can stay outside of the UAE for as long as you want with an active visa, People don't have to come back within six months in UAE.