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    What Is Golden Visa Sharjah

    What Is Golden Visa Sharjah?

    The Golden Visa Property in Dubai, UAE, provides a unique opportunity for investors, scientists, qualified professionals, ..entrepreneurs to get a Dubai golden visa by investing in the real estate market. This visa programme offers a pathway to long-term residence and citizenship for persons who acquire property valued over AED 2 million. Many foreign investors who want to ensure their future in this vibrant and progressive city have shown interest.

    “ For More detail, read the Dubai Golden Visa: Your Dh2 Million Property Passport

    BENEFITS OF Getting Sharjah Golden Visa

    You can also sponsor many household helpers and drivers.

    You can sponsor your family, including spouses, parents and kids.

    You can also sponsor many household helpers and drivers.

    Visa holders can enjoy a tax-free income

    Visa holders have a wide range of investment options in education, healthcare, real estate, and more.

    Having access to first-rate medical facilities, children's education at top universities, and a good standard of living.

    You can live and work in the UAE/Sharjah and get a chance to establish enterprises or businesses in Sharjah without a local sponsor.

    Having access to first-rate medical facilities, children's education at top universities, and a good standard of living.

    Visa holders are eligible to obtain a UAE driving licence and establish bank accounts to facilitate their lives in Sharjah.

    Have Higher worldwide mobility with visa-free travel inside the UAE and visa-free access to many countries.

    You can live and work in the UAE/Sharjah and get a chance to establish enterprises or businesses in Sharjah without a local sponsor.

    Enjoy 10-year residence in the UAE/Sharjah, ensuring stability and security for people and their families.

    Sharjah Golden Visa Eligibility Criteria

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    Investors must invest in a Sharjah property valued at 2 million AED or ($545,000). You could also put 2 million AED into an investment fund or a busine


    Sharjah values people with creative minds and ambitious businesses. Entrepreneurs must establish or work in an innovative business in Sharjah. They must provide proof of business strategies, financial stability, and the effect of innovation.

    Outstanding Students

    Exceptional academic achievers can apply for the Golden Visa. This category is for the best kids in high schools and colleges in the UAE. Educational records, recommendation letters, and evidence of awards or recognition are all required.

    Specialized Talents

    People with exceptional skills in science, medicine, research, creative fields, or sports are eligible to apply for this category. Candidates have to submit documentation of their achievements, expertise, and recommendations from reputable organizations or authorities.

    Humanitarian Pioneers

    Applicants must have made substantial contributions to humanitarian activities. Charity projects need to have proof and support from reputable groups.

    Required Documents For Golden Visa Sharjah

    Required Documents For Golden Visa Sharjah

    Paperwork or Proof of Property Ownership in Sharjah

    Original Passport with six months remaining validity

    Original ID card of UAE(if applicable)

    Colored passport-size photographs

    Health certificate

    Proof of health insurance

    It is preProof of health insuranceferable that the property must be fully owned. No-

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you can find frequently asked questions We help you to find the answer

    Long-term residency, family sponsorship, financial opportunities, and access to high-quality education and healthcare.

    Yes, the Golden Visa is available to exceptional students who show remarkable academic success with 95% of university students having a GPA of 3.5 to 3.8.

    The needed income varies by category, but highly trained professionals should have a monthly income of at least AED 30,000.

    Yes, Golden Visa holders can sponsor their close family members, including parents and dependable siblings, to ensure they receive long-term resident advantages.

    Investors usually have to provide documentation of significant financial resources or an investment of at least AED 2 million.

    Golden Visas are accessible to Pakistanis in two ways: by spending AED 2 million in a public project or by operating a firm that engages at least ten Sharjah residents.